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Kaiba Fandom

I wrote a random Kaiba! My first Yu-Gi-Oh work! Please tell me what you think!

Title: Goodnight Seto
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh
Characters: Seto Kaiba / Mokuba Kaiba
Rating: Content Safe for All. ahh a clean stab at sweetness
Word Count: 630
Disclaimer: If they were mine I'd be much happier.

In the darkened room vast screens blinked with numbers and charts.
Leaning back in his chair Seto rubbed his eyes; convinced he’d need glasses by the time he’d found this damned system glitch. He stared hard at the row upon row of numbers, willing some inspiration to jump from the screen, he’d long since disabled the computers verbal system, the constant whine that he had not yet fixed the problem had only pressed to infuriate him further.
He breathed deeply, allowing a hand to push through his hair. Half defeated he pressed a button, making the numbers swim around the screen to where they had been several hours ago and began his search over.
He barely noticed the soft patter of feet over the numbing buzz in his head.
You should be asleep.” He grumbled, glancing at his watch. “I put you to bed… six hours ago?!
He tapped his watch disbelievingly.
Is it really 4am already?
Dressed in royal blue pyjamas Mokuba waded groggily into the room, and with some effort pulled himself up into a seat next to his brother.
“What’s wrong with the computer?” he yawned.
“There’s a number wrong somewhere.” He sighed exasperated, kicking his chair away from the console and turning to face the younger boy.

The smell of hot coffee overwhelmed him for a moment as Mokuba pushed a mug into his hands.
“I wanted you to come to bed. But its morning already.” He smiled sleepily. “I knew you wouldn’t sleep. So I made coffee.”
Seto took the cup, laid it down on the floor by his chair and stared at Mokuba. “I almost burnt myself making it, so you better like it.”
Seto smiled.
“I’ll drink it after you’ve gone back to bed.” He got to his feet and stretched the ache from his legs.
“I’m not sleeping if you’re not.”
“Don’t be difficult, you have school in a few hours.”
Mokuba yawned again, causing Seto to suppress a yawn of his own.
“I’m not sleepy.”
“Yes you are.” Seto’s eyes flashed amused. He took Mokuba’s hand in his own and pulled his brother shakily to his feet.
“But it’s Saturday, I don’t need to get up early.”

Wearily Seto pushed his brother back down the corridor to his room. Mokuba protested that he wasn’t tired with every step, but when he reached the door, his hand clamped firmly to Seto’s refusing to let go.
“I can’t sleep knowing you’re on that computer.”
“Fine, but just for ten minutes.”
Mokuba bounced into bed, with all the renewed energy Seto was sure he himself had never possessed.
Won over, he settled on the bed beside his brother, eyes fixated on the ceiling. This was becoming too much of a habit of Mokuba’s.
Small hands enclosed around him as Mokuba rested his head on Seto’s chest making himself comfortable.
Protectively Seto rested his hands across his brother as the small boy clung to him. He sighed. Aware of how heavy his eyelids felt.
“You have to stop doing this, you’re getting to old to have me putting you to bed every night.”
“Hmmmmmphmm…” came the muffled reply as Mokuba’s hands bunched in his brothers’ shirt. “But I like it… You make me feel safe.”
Seto faltered slightly.
“Uh huh?”
“Go to sleep.”


He waited. It only took a few minutes before he could hear the slow thumping accompanied with the rising and falling of Seto’s chest beneath him. Checking that Seto was asleep, he reached down to his brothers’ wrist and, satisfied, changed the watch hands back to read 12.05am to match his own watch.
He yawned and settled back to sleep.
“Oh Seto…” he mumbled snuggling down into the pillow. “If only you’d put yourself to bed once in a while.”


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